American long time writer. For the last twenty plus years  I’ve written unpublished works of poetry, wisdom, love, peace, life, knowledge, confidence, nature and at times science, i enjoy all different types of genre, poetry and truly love writers documentaries. Over the years i thought why not share with the world about my writings, they can read, understand and appreciate, learn what there all about, true written words about the reality of life as well as love, i put it all on hold and continued on becoming a songwriter, singer, composer. Creating my own works of music with the help from a few other musicians, playing the music enjoying the sounds. All in all i decided to break the ice and leave you with this, writers in all aspects are creative, artistic, unique and well talented, we don’t become rich over night nor even make enough to feed the world at times, as much as we would love to donate our respects to the world i believe every writer deserves the same, respect and get paid for there works, donating an art of life is nice to share but the works of a writer shall be respectfully paid at his own cost, an negotiable amount, fair enough. Me being creative i thought why give my works away and share the world with them and not get paid for it, sounds cruel, to some yes, to others no. My point is this, if one must love a writer his, her works and your own works don’t be afraid to write the the writer of heart and respect, let others see and give what your worth and that is respect. I will continue with my works of poetry and soon a short story will be out Titled Dark and Cold. I will share my wisdom quotes to you on and off, i do stay pretty productive writing. Writers and new writers continue your passion and never let the pages run dry, i am a writer, i am Mike Daniels.